Graduation Credits:128 Credits

  • University Requirement(32 Credits):

    Chinese(4).Foreign Language(8).Introduction to University Studies(2).Philosophy of Life(4).Professional Ethics(2).General Education(12)

  • College Requirement(2 Credits):

    Introduction to Education(2)

  • Departmental Requirement(58 Credits):

    Basic Theory and Methodology Information Technology Application Technical Services and Reader Services Organizational Management and Practic

    Introduction to Library and Information Science(2,2)

    Introduction to Computer Science(4,4)
    Introdution to Database Systems(2,2)
    Computer Network(2,2)
    System Analysis and Design(2,2)

    Information Organization(2,2)
    Subject Analysis(2,2)
    Collection Development(2,2)
    Reference Resources(2,2)

    Library Practices(1,1)

    Library and Information Center Management(2,2)


  • Elective Courses(36 Credits):

    Information Resources Technical Services Information Technology Application

    Network Resources (2,0)
    Health Sciences Information Service(2,0)
    Database Retrieval(2,0)

    Records and Archives Marketing and Promotion(2,2)
    Bibliography Theory and Practice(2,2)

    Homepage Design (2,0)
    Introduction to Information Systems (0,2)
    Information Architecture(2,0)
    Applications of Big Data and Statistics(0,2)


    Program Communicationsand  of Digital Content Management and trends of Library User Service

    2D Digital Animation Introduction(2,0)
    Multimedia Content Design & Digital Library Management(0,2)
    Digital Image Processing(2,0)
    Multimedia Editing Technology(0,2)
    Documents Digitalized and Digital Archives(0,2)
    E-Publishing & Library (0,2)

    Library Trends (0,2)
    Library Promoting and Marketing(2,2)

    Library Service & Technology (2,2)